Tamas Hannus

Tamás Hannus

Head of Dreams

Tamás is the dream reader and shrink of Reklektik. 
While he knows a lot about both contemporary trends and the value of history, he is mainly looking for our clients wishes and feelings. 

‘The office, the flat is already there, deep inside the customers’ feelings and ideas. Our job is to actualize them, first on the design table, then in the real world. This is what we do at Reklektik.’

His works are inspired by the meeting of everyday life and the extraordinary: when designing, he is looking for the symbiosis of brave, unique colors, particular textures and everyday functionality.

He gains inspiration from contemporary interior designers’ works, including Carlo Scarpa and Rodolphe Parente. 

Tamas got his degree at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. He was leading comprehensive reconstruction and furnishing projects with the interior designer team of Térkultúra, then at the beginning of 2016 he founded the creative community of Reklektik with the participation of Cheppers.


The space we live in expresses our personality. It is a mirror of our confidence, our feelings, everything we believe in, what has shaped us. A well-functioning home or office is inspiring, surprising and practical at the same time. Not gratuitously shocking, but it makes us move to the next stage - anytime, in any situation.

The company culture of Reklektik is based on the inner peace and the unexpected. We are looking for the point where our clients’ desires, our environment’s future and the mood of the people living or working in a given space find balance. 

We are up to date with everything that is happening in the design industry and we build harmony  between those trends, functionality and what our customers imagine will fill their new home or workspace.

We work on comprehensive projects: we guide our clients through the work from the very first hesitant ideas to the last nail. This road takes them through the design process, the chaotic period of reconstruction, until the very last piece furniture is placed and the first Facebook post is ready to be published about the finished work. 

Our team is trained in construction, design processes, corrections and on many projects. We know when that certain point comes when the customer feels their project is a never ending story. We know what the hardest moments are and we know how to get through them.  

We combine several professional mediums to create a design solution that fits what our customers imagined and planned. During implementation, we match everything with the possibilities of what physics and reality allow us. 

We design logical, functional, spectacular and inspiring properties. 

Our point of view is largely defined by the genesis of our team. The founding team of Reklektik, as experienced admirers of interior design, are happy to team up with Cheppers, one of Hungary’s most dynamically developing software engineer team. The company that is active on both US and European markets represents their uncompromising, world class approach to virtual creations within the Rekletik community as well.


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