The space we live in expresses our personality.

A well-functioning home or office is inspiring, surprising and practical at the same time.

The company culture of Reklektik is based on the inner peace and the unexpected. We are looking for the point where our clients’ desires, our environment’s future and the mood of the people living or working in a given space find balance.

We support our customers from the first glint of an idea until the last nail is place in order to provide a logical, functional, striking and at the same time an inspirational environment. We combine several professional mediums to create a design solution that fits what our customers imagined and planned.

Who we are

Tamás Hannus

I studied Structural design at MOME specializing in furniture design. I love furniture, but I discovered that they mostly amaze and capture me when they are put in the right environment. My main source of inspiration are the furnitures mainly from the Italian, German, French ‘50s, ‘60s ‘70s. I find non-conventional colours, shapes, structures and objects to be very inspiring. In my works I strive for a feeling of renewal and also to reach that certain “WOW” effect.

Edit Sátori

One of the main goals and main source of inspiration for me is that as a result of my work someone not only gains a beautiful new home to live in, but that place also serves as a visual and personal reflection of that person’s soul. During my Architectural studies at BME I couldn’t stop just looking at the outside, but also looked more and more on the inside as well to see how a flat can be setup and designed in the most functional and pleasing way.

Anna Opóczki

I studied architecture at BME. After graduation I mostly worked with historical buildings and on some occasions worked together with interior designers. It was at that time, that I discovered my love for the day-to-day tasks of this industry, like answering outstanding questions, daily meetings, talks about plans, developing them and gaining the trust of people. For me that gained trust is a main source of inspiration.

The Four Pillars of Good Interior Design



Everyone has their own style, tastes and a general requirement for having an inspirational, comforting and appealing place for themselves to spend time. We can help achieve that harmony by organizing the interior and with the proper selection of colours, furniture, and accessories.



We create an environment, with a unique, vibrant vibe with which you can’t get bored of. With Colours, shapes and textures we not only reshape your home but your everyday lif as well.



Be it a bigger or a smaller flat, office, bar or restaurant, the optimal use of the given space is a crucial aspect in the design phase. Our goal is to perfectly align with our customer’s needs be it for furniture or storage space.



A flat becomes your home if it is a reflection of your personality including the floor, colours, personal belongings, creating one cohesive picture of the owner. We find it very important that our customers feel that return to their home, not just to a pretty flat.

Are you ready for your next adventure?


Are you ready for your next adventure?