Exposed walls, slabs of concrete, lattice millwork and freshly baked cheese tarts displayed on a counter constructed of LEGO. You don’t need to speak Japanese to understand that the confectionary company BAKE epitomizes forward-thinking, creativity and true artisanship. 

BAKE teamed forces with minimalist designer Yuseke Seki to transform their storefront in Kyoto into an avant garde masterpiece. Based inside a traditional Japanese building, the designer deliberately uncovers the old exterior wall cladding to pay homage to the stream of artisans that have previously used the space. The walls with its layers of architectural history are interpolated with modern design elements. 

The impressive counter made from LEGO as well as the polished cement floor gives the store a modern aesthetic that effortlessly blends in with the more traditional design features such as the  “Shitaji-Mado” lattice framework. 


The “Shitaji-Mado” is a technique implemented in the construction of many Japanese teahouses. The exposed latticework gives a lofty and airy feel to the space. The grid framework follows no specific measurement but is instead dictated by the space’s respective designers. 

The store’s sleek, raw and unfinished appearance personifies the way the Japanese company BAKE strives for constant improvement and development. If the glowing cheese tarts, fresh from the open kitchen oven, aren’t enough to tantalise you, check out the brilliance of other artisans and their dexterous craftsmanship overtime.

Photos by Takumi Ota (via Yatzer)