The first steps are always desire and commitment. The moment when you decide that you want to create something and you commit yourself to one of the biggest adventures of your life!

In the middle of an empty space

When you’re standing in the middle of an empty, or somewhat furnished room, it’s very hard to imagine the finished, reconstructed and re-furnished result. We can imagine it for you.

Talk about it!

Ideas flow without linear logic, but spoken words take shape. Talk about your ideas, no matter how strange they sound. There are no wrong answers, or useless ideas - you can trust us and tell us anything!


Will you furnish the apartment with others? Will more owners make decisions about the future of the office? If so, it’s not a problem, we can help you find the common denominators. The final concept that everyone loves is born of the tension different ideas create. We can show you several versions, tell you why each of them could work, and decide together about the final designs.

Make a decision about contractors

One of the most critical moments in a project is deciding which contractor to work with. We have worked together with a lot of implementers, and we are happy to help you with finding the masters of different areas or to work together with your chosen experts. We know how things should be done, we’ve seen the typical mistakes and we know how to avoid them.

Never alone

When the work has started, plaster smell is in the air, the tiles are already delivered, and the water pipe is not placed in the wall as expected - we will be with you through the whole process, we will supervise and monitor the steps and support ad hoc decisions. Sometimes you’ll definitely feel that you never expected so many things to be happening at the same time - don’t worry, we knew it from the beginning and we make sure we keep going in the right direction.

If you want to change something...

We aren’t robots - our expectations and ideas grow and change all the time. There might come a moment when you want to change your plans on the fly. We can tell you what needs to be done to implement these changes, how it will affect the costs and the timeline, and help you with the final decision. You’ll be the final decision maker throughout the project!

Equipment, furnitures, accessories

When the paint is dry, it’s time for the the furniture! The final feeling is hidden in the details. We help you with the arrangement of all items to achieve the imagined final look.

We're done!

The best part of the job is the end. We hand you your new keys, and follow you over your doorstep to revel in your delight as you see your dreams realized in your new space.

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