Living room

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street

Bohemian eclectics with an amazing panorama


Photo courtesy: Lakáskultúra

The interior design was done by Edit Sátori and Tamás Hannus on behalf of Térkultúra.

The bed and the wall behind it (bedroom)
Details with cyan chair

The first time we saw the apartment that opens onto Erzsébet square, it was totally empty. 
The owner’s original idea was to make the 80 sqm flat into two mini-studios. After a thorough discovery of the apartment it became clear to us that we should focus on one single apartment to reach the desired effect. After that first meeting, we had several discussions with the owner, who, based on our suggestions, decided to trust our vision and not split the space. 

The kitchen
Living room

Value for money was important to the client, so we found creative, interesting solutions and ideas to achieve the spectacular results. Instead of purchasing expensive furniture, we were able to find quality pieces that remained affordable.
The naked brick wall, the plants and the colorful, playful accessories give a certain South American feel to the living room.

Checking the original blue prints, we realized that the arrangement is logical and makes a liveable space in the 21st century, so we created a bohemian interior design based on it. We kept the original bedrooms and the living room as a large community space.


In the small bedrooms, we used chevron patterned wallpaper, where the contrast of the black and white makes the spaces visually longer. In the main bedroom, we used Cole&Son wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, which goes well with the colors and shapes that appear in other rooms, and create a certain uniqueness and dominance over the whole room. For the kitchen we had to work with a minimal budget, so we decided to spice up the area with a very interesting design of patterns on the tiles. In the dining room we decided to buy benches to fit the smaller space. This way many people can sit around the table and it makes the whole room much more friendly. We also put a large print of Budapest on one wall to make it more exciting. 

Dining room

One of the most exciting parts of the apartment is the almost 16 sqm big balcony, which turned into a real oasis with the fake grass and outdoor plants. After a hard day, it’s an incredible feeling to drink wine on a terrace from which you can see the neighbouring rooftops, Erzsébet Square and the Basilica.

View from the balcony

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