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French-style flat on Váci street

Photo credit: Gergő Gosztom

A young couple from Budapest wanted to start their life together in a French-style, bright flat that mixes classical and modern elements. However, to achieve their dream apartment, they had to fully renovate their property. They entrusted our team, led by Tamás Hannus, as well as designing the interior of the apartment.

Bright, spacious rooms can be found even in small apartments

The 75 sqm flat, located in a great location on Váci street, was originally two separate apartments. During the renovation, we opened the two properties up to each other, transformed one of the entrances into a window and reinvented the old double forged iron door to serve as main entrance.

At first glance it's not easy to see how many different areas this small flat has: a hall, a kitchen and dining room built together with a living room and two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. During the redesign process, we paid special attention to minimizing the number of doors to avoid breaking the feeling of spacious, connecting rooms. This is why this smaller flat looks much bigger than you would think by just looking at the blueprints. When entering the flat you see the first trick right away. The large wardrobe doesn't store only the clothes, but it also covers the washing and drying machine, furthermore, one of the bathrooms is hiding behind a door covered by wallpaper. 

Beauty is in front of the eyes, practicality stays hidden

If you take a look around in the apartment, you can see that the quality of even the smallest details was very important to our clients. The different coverage and materials are all premium category products, see the marble of the bathrooms and kitchens, or the lightweight linen curtains. We combined both warm and cold colors for the interior, so we could easily match the natural brown color of the antique furniture and the futuristic gold color of the modern accessories. Other highlighted colors of the apartment are blue, black and white. The harmony of colors and materials is most significant in the combined living room and kitchen: the practical and decorative marble surfaces of the kitchen and the walnut colored worktop perfectly match the light color of the floor. The whole room is tied together by the elegant, classical couch and armchair as well as the long sought after dining table. 
In the center of the flat we tried to keep only the beautiful things in sight, this is why the fridge and the oven are not visible: all of the household appliances are hidden from the eyes.

Special, unique bedrooms

For the master bedroom, Tamás designed a custom wallpaper that perfectly matches the visual atmosphere of the room. Another interesting thing here is the special hidden wardrobe behind the bed. The lightweight white-grey curtain combining two different materials perfectly complements the items in both bedrooms and in the living room as well. 

The other bedroom, which currently serves as a guest room, is smaller, but no less elegant. This space gets a classical feeling both from the headboard, which is upholstered with the same material as the couch, and from the beautiful, antique wardrobe, however it's really the golden wallpaper with a wonderful geometric pattern that makes this room so unique.

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