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To Infinity and Beyond! - A walk at Sigma Technology Hungary

3D Visualizatioan: Zoltán Kovács

Interior designer: Tamás HannusAnna Opóczki

Sigma Technology is a global IT Provider, whose main activity is software development. They  contacted us to design and renew their office in Budapest. Our goal was to create an interior which fulfills the demands of the company and unquestionably reflects its mentality, at the same time representing a sustainable vision and innovation.

The office building is a prime example of modern architecture with a beautiful scenic view of the river Danube and Buda, its interior is open and spacious, divided only by a few walls, the structure is made of metal and glass. Our goal was to utilize the features of the building to its fullest, and design a space respecting and adapting to the given environment.

For the initial conceptualization, first we assessed the office and the desires of the employees of Sigma. The main inspirations for our designs were the futuristic imagery of sci-fi and the records of Verner Panton. For the montage spaceships and cockpits from pulp/sci-fi movies were the major sources of inspiration. The vibrancy of the textures and motives, the coldness of metal objects and the ‘colors of Sigma’ are in contrast with soft fabrics and plants, that are full of life.

Our task was to design the two smaller, the larger meeting room, and the central reception area, situated in the new wing of the office. We needed to come up with innovative solutions, such as how to connect the new area with the old wing and the older rooms, thus creating a unified but also truly unique well functioning office environment.


Small meeting room 1.

Our main inspirations were the suit of astronauts and the Space itself, this way we wanted to create a sense of buzz and excitement in a small meeting room for four people.

The curtain symbolizes infinity, despite the fact that it is made of a lighter fabric, it has a reflective surface. The room is simple and pure, with sphere shapes and reflective, metallic accessories, which calmness is breaked by the structured pattern of the floor. The room reflects a futuristic feel, but the materials and plants are filling the room with friendliness and comfort.

As a result, providing a positive environment as a kick-start of each meeting. The emphasis is not on the smaller details but rather on the overall look and feel.


Small meeting room 2.

What would life on Mars be like? – that was our main question, as in the future some people might have to move to another planet, where they would try to create the same atmosphere as at home. Plants are hanging on the ceiling, around the lamp, creating life in centre of a minimalistic and clean environment. The two meeting rooms are next to each other and fully connects to each other. It was a crucial part of the design process, that these meeting rooms would look as an engaging and unified space.

Organic elements and clear lines are connected to each other. The chairs and the plants help deconstructing the strictness of the lines, the geometrical wall decoration and the structured floor serve as connective elements for the whole office.

Big meeting room

The base concept of the big meeting room is similar to the other meeting rooms, but when it comes to its function, there is a major difference, that the meetings held here are mostly bigger. The table has seating for 10 people, but apart from the functional issues, we wanted to add a bit of excitement, playfulness. The bigger space allowed us to dream bigger, thus we created a two-levelled podium, providing even more seating opportunities.
This was designed with the goal of creating a space welcoming more open and friendly conversations.

Additionally, we also considered, that apart from the kitchen there is no other community space at the office, thus we wanted to create the opportunity for the employees to sit down comfortably at the podium and be socially active during their breaks.
For the arched doorway our main source of inspiration was the shape of the company’s logo and we used it as decorations for multiple rooms. These decorations are made of perforated plates and are having a craggy shape, but with its curved silhouette, it relieves the unison of angular shapes and walls. In addition, they harmonize with the shape of the office chairs.


The “antré” is always the most important moment. During the design process this was the room where we let our imagination fly the most, as this is the first point of contact for the visitors coming here. Therefore, the reception has to represent the company and its profile. The main goal was to the give visitors a positive impression from the beginning.

Our task was significantly easier, as we basically received an “unfinished canvas” from the start: the scenic view of the river Danube. The reception desk and a small waiting area had to be placed.
The waiting area is situated behind the reception desk, thus the guests enjoy the beautiful view. Awesome view and a cup of coffee help time fly by.

The reception desk with two seats are separated, yet the space is reflecting openness, which is following the geometric shapes of Sigma. The above-mentioned  patterns of the gate also appear here, the main colors of black and red are also prominently featured as well. Our main goal was to create a playful, yet elegant and friendly first impression.

We believe, we achieved that, what do you think?

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