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Maximum elegance in minimum space on Erkel Street

Photo credit: Katalin Garancsi

Stylist accessories: HephaistosZARA HOME

Interior designer: Hannus Tamás, Sátori Edit

Gábor, a young financial expert in his late twenties found this wonderful hidden gem near the Great Market Hall in Fővám tér, in Erkel Street.
It was important for him to have a renovated apartment that still is a little bit bourgeois, with just enough amount of charm and humour. Many people find it hard to imagine how a bachelor's apartment can be cozy and homey. This is our version.

It was an important aspect during the whole renovation to create a very detailed home with generous architectural solutions. Gábor wanted to use wooden floor tiles wherever it was possible, and to have marble in the bathroom to bring in some elegance.

Right after stepping onto the long corridor we see the kitchen's old window dominating the view and making the visitors want to step further inside.

Even though many think that people who work at financials are very rational people, Gábor turned out to be absolutely different. He let go his creativity and instincts, which helped us a lot to create the (rather daring) concept of the floor map. We eliminated the narrow corridor to create a larger room and we also used bright colors to make it more spacey.

A not conventional wardrobe was put to the left side of the entrance, to hide a lot of storage space, the washing machine and also the dryer. The red velvet curtains, the bluish leaf-patterned wallpaper and the crystal uplights create a real romantic feeling. They complement perfectly the dark blue velvet seat and the blue mirror, making the bourgeouis milieu even more emphasized.

The central piece of the apartment is a multifunctional cube, which serves as a partitioning element as well. Its sides define where the living room, the kitchen, the corridor and the bedroom start. The bathroom is inside it, where the wall opposite to the door is fully covered with mirror, giving the feeling of an infinite marble space. The simple, fine sanitary pieces perfectly match the low-key, yet stylish marble.

Thanks to the inner height there are a lot of possibilities, so we could create a standing gallery on the top of the cube, where one can get to on a staircase covered by an elegant carpet. The sleeping area is also bright blue, just like the cube. There are two nightstands on the two sides of the bed for more storage room.


"The central piece of the apartment is the multifunctional cube..."


On the bottom of the cube, facing the windows to the street there is a kitchen hiding, with in-built machines and storage space. In the opposite of it there is the micro-cement counter, which also serves as a dining table. The monolithic counter is in perfect contrast with the wire framed dining chairs, which all have an ethereal look on the side of it.

The living room is the island of peace, with soft textures, freshness and elegancy. The bourgeouis feeling comes back on the details of the ceiling, the crystal chandelier and the original, renovated windows and shutters. The fresh colors and accessories go perfectly with the comfortable furniture. The playfulness of the coffee table, the ornateness resembling to a mirror room in Versailles and the modern items all fit together here.

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