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Photo Credits: Gergő Gosztom

Stylist acessories: HephaistosZARA HOME

Interior designer: Tamás Hannus

The main motif behind our renovation on Péterfy Sándor street was the accentual view, and as much natural light as possible. The youthful owner Anikó found it very important that her new home should reflect her openness, and the colorful world she meets during her travels.

This comes back perfectly in her choice of apartment, because many windows of this fourth floor flat open to the fantastic panorama of Budapest.

Anikó had some specific materials she wanted us to use for both the hallway and the bathroom, such as wood and classical cement.This material also matches  the building.


When entering the apartment, the first thing that drives the eyes is the black-white checked cement floor in the hallway, which is in an interesting contrast with the bottle green walls. Anikó wanted us to separate the kitchen from the other rooms, and instead of building a wall, we built a tower. This has three functions: it serves as a cabinet and hallway closet, and it also hides the fridge in the kitchen. This way we created a small kitchen area with an adjacent space for a dining table.

The metal framed chairs match perfectly with both the cement as a material and the stuccos. It was as if the chairs were designed specifically to be used there.
A cabinet, a toilet and a washing room open from the hallway. You can also get to the bathroom from both here and the bedroom.

When designing the space for the apartment, the  most important aspect was to focus on the wonderful view of Budapest and to make it as enjoyable as possible. And it worked out so well! When someone arrives to the living room from the hallway, they immediately face the fantastic panorama from  the windows. The living room’s walls remained white, so the eyes can relax a bit after the vivid corridor, but we managed to bring a lot of excitement into the room in the shape of different colors and patterns.



Black and white colors come back as seen on the armchair and rug. Green reappears on the very comfy wing chair and pouffe. The color yellow spices up the apartment in various places. In this area, it gives the mood as color of the curtain, providing a perfect frame around the windows.

One of the walls here is taken up by a huge, open bookcase that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Anikó has a lot of books that she has inherited and purchased herself, and it was very important that she had enough space for them. This bookcase contains secret cabinets too. One of these is a two doored item which is covered with a black and white landscape imitating french paintings, and also serves as a pretty decorative accessory. We believe that any apartment can be brought to life with an antique item or  retro furniture. We must be brave to use these, as a discreet accessory or as a central piece. This is why we chose a Danish commode, which was love at first sight by both our team and Anikó. It served as the most delightful piece of furniture in this room.

We chose a classical chandelier for the ceiling that created a nice harmony between the various items of age and shape.


The view from the bedroom is even more beautiful - you can see the towers of the church on Rózsák tere, and Anikó’s specific request was to put the working desk in front of that window in order to enjoy the view while working. The bedroom was needed to serve as  an island of peace, so we chose very simple furniture for here. The main concept was airiness, and to make a contrast between modern and classical, so we designed the wall behind the bed to be made of bricks and in order to soften the robust effect, we painted it white. When the sun shines through the huge windows, it creates an exciting play between light and shadow. The central piece of the bedroom is the beautiful, solid wood work desk, which is spectacular in both its shape and  construction.

From here you can get to a wardrobe through a glass door, and by moving along, to the bathroom. Since  the bathroom doesn’t have any windows, it’s rather dark. It was important to bring in as much natural light as possible from the bedroom. The checked cement floor appears here too, which creates a real theatrical, dramatic feeling with the simple white tiles and  black walls. The free-standing bathtub and yellow cabinet serve as a counterpoint; this latter covers the boiler and provides a lot of extra storage space as well.

The renovation was completed within a six month period, finishing at the end of 2017.

The owner Anikó  has already moved in, and it makes us delighted  that based on the initial feedbacks, she’s loving the result.

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