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‘Siéntete como en casa’
- Tiny home on Szövetség Street

Photo credit: Gergő Gosztom

Stylist accessories: ZARA HOME, STUDIO NOMAD, Solinfo

Interior designer: Edit Sátori

Júlia studies art history in Budapest. Her temperament and her love for a busy social life and nature comes from her Spanish roots.

When we started designing her tiny flat, the most important aspect was to create a “Spanish home”, as she likes to call it, which is cozy, homelike and grandiose all at the same time. Besides these characteristics, being practical was also what we had to keep in mind, as the apartment is only 24 sqm large. This is where we had to find a place for the kitchen, the dining area, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom as well, so we wanted to use as many cabinets as possible.

Before we first went to view the flat, we had a feeling that the ceiling wouldn’t be ordinary nor boring. After discovering the walls, it turned out that the ceiling in front of the kitchen area, above the hall, is a very special, beautiful vaulted plafond. The ceiling was a serendipitous find as it gave us an opportunity to enhance its rustic look on one side - making it resemble elements found in Spanish architecture - and covering it with a white matte resin cover on the other.

A charming olive green kitchen sits in the center of the living area, hiding all the kitchen machines, the boiler, the hallway closet and many smaller cabinets. The lively, cool color we chose works perfectly with the dark terrazzo countertops. Adjacent to the kitchen is a small dining area, with one of our favourite pieces ever - the iconic Panton chair (Vitra) designed by Verner Panton.



Thanks to Júlia’s open-mindedness, we could really set our imagination free, and fortunately she wasn’t scared off by our untraditional solutions either. For the kitchen and sleeping area, we had many ideas and variations. We had an idea for a podium and a gallery as well, but puritanic functionalism won in the end, and we went with a sleeping cubicle surrounded by numerous cabinets. On the left side of the bed is a hanger wardrobe that can be pulled in its full length into the room.

The living room is all about experimenting with forms and shapes as well as playful textures and colors, which all helped to create a passionate, southern-European feeling and resulted in a lively space. The apartments most spectacular piece is also found here. As Júlia is a huge fan of the arts, there was no doubt in what should cover her new home’s walls - a huge custom wallpaper, the exaggerated version of an Italian artist’s engraving.

The inspiration of the piece stems from  Lake Lugano, which in itself is an interesting place- one side of the lake is in Italy, the other in Switzerland. The visual experience is spiced further by the eccentric, custom made houndstooth patterned couch by REMODEL Stúdió. We wanted to play more with colors so we chose a coral colored small table by STUDIO NOMAD, a Hungarian design team. This went extremely  well with the red curtains!



The only room separated by walls is the bathroom, where we aimed to be simple with a pinch of fun. The black-white patterned floor and the vivid yellow on the walls are in perfect contrast with the white sink and shower tiles.

Júlia moved into her new home in January, 2018. We feel that every corner of her place represents her unique vision and reflects her artistic sensibility.

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