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Sony Pictures office, Eiffel square

The office of the Sony Pictures is located in a huge office block on Eiffel square. At the end of 2016 we were asked to redesign their 120 squaremeter of their whole space to bring something exciting into the lives of their workers and visitors, and also to showcase the most popular contents of the Sony pictures, including the brand itself.

Our task to revamp Sony’s reception area, community and conference rooms.  redesignthe reception area, the community room and the conference rooms as well. The company’s staff had a clear concept, so we had enough input about how we should presentthe brand elements.

The reception and hall are the first things that catch the visitors attention so our main goal was to show the profile of the company and bring in the atmosphere of a cinema. The community room serves the relaxation of the employees, so we could go a bit crazy with the design there.

For all 3 conference rooms we had predetermined topics, which made the planning part a lot easier for us.

Flagship patterns of the brand (e.g. cinema-feeling, James Bond and the Marvel superheroes) appear all around the office, so we tried to bring back as much as possible of these without making the space crowded.

Reception an lobby

The goal was very simple: anyone who steps off the elevator knows where the Sony office is. The blue color appears in several places on the designs, so we used this color to highlight the reception. We placed the reception desk in the centre. The desk was covered with mirror decorated with triangles of sandblasted glass. By creating an endless reflection of the broadloom carpet we tried to emphasize the creativity and playfulness of the Sony brand.  
We put a line of classical wooden movie chair into the lobby, redesigned with red velvet and also a pair of light blue Panton chairs were placed here. Behind the chairs the built in closet decorated with geometric paint is intended to stretch the space optically.We put a huge TV with cinematic curtains hanging on both sides for the guests to strengthen the brand identity of Sony.

The conference rooms

The meeting rooms were completely redefined. We designed  three completely different roomstyles based on the input of the Sony colleagues.


The room that reminds everyone of a classic movie theater representsseriousness and elegance, yet it is also playful. The largest wall section of the room got a simple geometric drawing. We put a unique wallpaper referring to the superheroes on one wall, with a modern revision of a classic painting. In front of the fresco effect wall we put with red velvet curtains as well, to bring the classic cinema mood in the room. The curtains behind the presentation screengive 100% cinematic experience.
We tried to keep everything from the original space, so we did not change the carpet and the conference table / chairs. We've also designed larger plant pots here that make the room cosy and create an exciting contrast with the scratchy and modern building from the outside. We also places a ‘wall of praise’ in form of a shelf ", which can be used to set different prizes. In addition, we built a commemorative corner in this room in memory of Eddie Nelson (died in 2012), the Vice President of the Sony group.

Happy Room

Happy room became the new name for the internal conference room that would be used by the Sony’s Budapest team for in-house meetings. The focus was on colors, and their use in a somewhat more abstract way was inspired by superheroes. The mood is futuristic, less elegant, making it much more suitable for more informal discussions. In order to maximize space, we have designed glass panes to provide a useful interface for brainstorming and design.
James Bond/VIP 

The smallest conference room was completely cut off reality. We removed the conference table and the chairs, and replaced them with a couple of sofas and armchairs, creating the atmosphere of a living room or study room. In the background, the black curtain and images of old James Bond movies hanging on the walls provide the basic tone for elegant, serious discussions.

In order to make the three completely different rooms look somewhat unified, all three meeting rooms have plants, also color blue and geometric patterns appear. Each of the meeting rooms has a full glass wall section, so the rooms also provide a spectacular view of the corridor throughout the day.


The community room is designed to be suitable for indoor meetings and relaxation. That’s why we put a podium in the room and covered it with artificial grass and a houndstooth textile, so it can even be used by those who want to relax. Because the room is very small, we played with dark walls and mirrors to optically enlarge he space.The mirrors placed on the sidewall bring back the mood of the reception desk and the colors and structures bring playfulness into space.

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