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Photo credit: Gergő Gosztom

Stylist accessories: Hephaistos, ZARA HOME

Interior designers: Tamás Hannus, Edit Sátori

The young, thirtysomething couple, Vica and Tamás, started their joint life together in this apartment on Eötvös street. We have told you their story in nine chapters- from selecting  the flat through to the whole renovation process - (which you can find the links to at the end of this article). We are now thrilled to present you with the results!

During the design and renovation process, our main goal was to create a mixture of modern and classic. The most prominent colors of the apartment were chosen to create an ethereal, simple and yet fresh feeling. The couple live a busy life, so it was crucial that their shared flat should  exude harmony.

The upper middle class style apartment is situated in a 100-year-old building; fortunately, it contained all those beautiful, original features that really set the mood for all who enter it. We wanted to retain the original windows and doors wherever possible, and when we couldn’t, we renovated or re-created it, staying true to its former style. We hoped to keep the original flooring, but sadly we were unable to; we had to switch to a very similar, chevron patterned wooden floor instead.

One of the most exciting items in the apartment is the cubus, which disguises important secrets on every side: in the kitchen it covers the fridge, oven and microwave; in the hallway, it hides the closet; and from the dining room, it opens into a cabinet.

When visitors enter, the cubus provides an impressive view inside the apartment as its mirror surface reflects the kitchen furniture and the small window. It’s a real illusion. And this is what our mission was all about: beguiling  guests and stirring their interest to move further along, discovering other exciting features.


The kitchen furniture is an interesting balance between strong and fine color and material use. The lower part of the cabinet is light blue. The counter is made of black stone. The upper cabinet is also surprising - the metal frame and the glass shelves are both accentual materials but painted white, and the way they are placed, they provide an airy and lofty feel.  

For the dining room, we were searching for contrasting colors which also work harmoniously with the kitchen as well as for the other parts of the flat. There’s a real color bomb in the space- the bench is teal, providing a cool contrast with the Bauhaus-style metal framed, red velvet chairs. The chairs were brought by Vica from her previous apartment.  

The living room opens from the dining area through a bookshelf gate, (which is basically a full wall height bookcase on either  sides of the doorways). The living room’s central piece is the couch, which was chosen after a lot of searching. We wanted to find the most comfortable sitting item possible , as this is the place, at  the center of the flat, where the couple come together at the end of the day to relax and enjoy some recreation.


There’s a mixture of modern and classic present  in this room as well - modern minimalism is broken by the ornateness of the stucco on the ceiling and by the beautiful mid-century commode, (which the couple found in an antique shop).

Tamás’s work room is on the left of the living room, and from the right side we have access to the bedroom. The most accentual element here is the custom design wallpaper- which reflects back to the kitchen in its blue and black colors. When the living room and bedroom are opened together, this patterned wall is an exciting accessory, providing a spectacular background.

The bedroom is otherwise very minimalistic in its furniture. We wanted to hide most of the things; basically, only the double bed and nightstands are visible to the eyes. The clothes are hidden away in a walk-in wardrobe, which also leads to a bathroom.

A dichotomy of style is presented here as well: the heated industrial concrete floor and the bathtub covered with marble-like material makes it both youthful and classic.

If you are interested in reading more about the steps of how we got to the end of this  renovation journey, check out our blog posts that explain the whole process in further detail.

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